Property Tax Consultant Oklahoma

First Marc Commercial Group is an Oklahoma property tax consultant company. We have over 25 years of experience reducing property taxes all over Oklahoma. We handle property tax consultant Oklahoma City cases and property tax consultant Tulsa cases. First Marc has saved its clients millions of dollars in property taxes over the years.

It is important that as an owner of commercial real estate in Oklahoma that you use an Oklahoma based property tax consultant. First Marc knows Oklahoma properties and what determines value in Oklahoma. We also thoroughly know the property tax laws for each Oklahoma county. We lower property taxes by knowing what an Oklahoma assessor wants to see and how they want to see it. Our property tax services will save you money.

Property Tax Appeals

First Marc has reduced the property taxes of hundreds of retail buildings, warehouses, apartment complexes, hotels, and mixed use buildings.

Why have we been so successful? Two main reasons –


Property research – We do all our own research, market studies, and income analysis. We know what is going on in the market in Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa. We research every property we do a property tax protest for, thoroughly.

Respect – When doing a property tax appeal, we treat every assessor with respect. They are doing their job and yelling and being condescending doesn’t work. We give them the right information. And present it in an informative way. First Marc has an excellent reputation with assessors all over Oklahoma.


There are many reasons that property can be overvalued. First Marc looks at all of them. Sometimes it is obvious that a property is over assessed. But most of the time we are looking for a needle in a haystack. But we have the experience and knowledge to get the best property tax reduction.

Extra Property Tax Information.

What are Property Taxes?

Property tax, also known as valorem tax, is an annual tax set on real properties based on the market value of those assets.

Property Taxes Ancient History

Property tax is one of the oldest forms of taxation known to man. The history of property tax seems to stretch back to the very dawn of civilization.

Property Tax in America

Colonial people established property taxation mechanisms in order to fund their collective or communal interests.

Challenging Property Taxes

Each property owner has the right to protest their property tax value with the assessor in Oklahoma.


Property Tax People


Property Tax Consultant

Property tax consultants help people lower their property taxes by appealing the property valuation.